Broken Rule #2

Business is Business and Sometimes People Get Hurt

We hold the opposite belief. Business has the power to do so much good in the world, and hiding behind bullshit like this is what prevents positive impact from happening.

We are dedicated to proving that business can be an answer to many items on the World's To Do list. 


Broken Rule #3

We Shouldn't Discuss the World's Ugly in Polite Company

This one is a hard hell no. We think the ugly truths in life should be considered and discussed. This process leads to our improvement and deeper empathy. At Thea, we discuss what happens in the darkness... so we figure out what can be done to bring it into the light. 

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Broken Rule #4

Charity is the Only Way to Do Good

There are many charities creating incredible impact through intentioal programs that are well thought out.

But there are many issues lurking under the surface, one of them being outright fraud. There's a new wave of thought (and action) that's changing everything. 


Broken Rule #5

Don't Openly Speak about Sexual Assaults and Violence, Ever.

We shatter this rule. Head over to our story to see exactly how sexual attacks led to starting this company. 

Healing happens when you can remove shame and guilt from the equation. Talking about their trauma helps people heal and move through their pain. Sometimes, the worst things that happen to us can become a powerful tool in being of service to the world.