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LeMoon Illustrations


I found Ivy through the interwebs, and after working with her for the Harbour Island beach bag I knew we were going to create absolutely gorgeous things together always <3


I recently interviewed her so you could see her incredible soul. She's the kind of person that makes you want to go off and create something, RIGHT NOW. I don't know if there's higher praise! Please enjoy the journey below xx


My comments on her answers are in {}.


What was your journey to become a full-time artist?

I was always drawing as a child. Then I was introduced to painting with watercolours. Then I became an interior designer. Then I stopped drawing completely for 10 years. Then I accidentally popped into the Designers Guild flagship showroom in London and everything changed. It was a magical moment: those colours, textures, beautiful collections were calling me and I never stopped drawing since.


What is something people don’t generally know about you?

I always have a tiny present with me as I love surprising people, even strangers; and I keep celebrating their birthdays whenever I feel like it (yes, I am a very spontaneous person)! {Omg, I have to try having tiny presents!! What a killer idea. Small acts like that can have HUGE impact on people. This is why I love you, Ivy}

What is something people don’t know about your industry?

Most people don't know how much work is behind a SIMPLE drawing/ illustration/artwork: you have to be able to read minds, travel to places which only exist in your imagination, see things that don't exist, bring characters to life that has never been seen before, be able to travel in time: connect the ideas you had in the past with ideas that will be born in the future, see colours that are constantly changing and make dreams come true. Simple, isn't it? And these are the reasons why I LOVE my job, it is my passion!


Two truths and a lie!

- I was born in Serbia in a super tiny village and at 3yrs/old, my best friend was a chicken called "Brownie".

- I have a twin sister.

- I personally met David Attenborough.

{GUESS in the comments below!}


What is your favourite thing about being an artist?

As long as you have imagination, you are never out of work.


Favourite foundation or social enterprise?

The Earthshot Prize, Explorers Against Extinction - Sketch for Survival (I took part in 2019 with a donated artwork for auction) and Thea Caye of course!

{I just looked up Explorers Against Extinction and what a cool organization! Is there anything better than creative ways to do good shit and give back??}


What keeps you up at night?

Ideas, ideas, ideas! Never ending!


When do you feel powerful?

At Full Moon - I have a spiritual connection with the Moon, once in the middle of the night I shared a glass of lemonade with her, served with a super-long straw (true story). One of the reasons I named my little studio: LeMoon (Lemonade Moon).

What did you like about Thea’s project?

Mixing fun patterns with an ethical and environmental purpose - how genius is that?! Carlie's energy is enchanting and I was taken away immediately.

{Making my blush over here!! Hehe}


Your tip for being a good human:

Be kind and curious.

{So simple, so true. We don't know what other's have been through but with a little curiosity, our perspective on life can be so different and more empathetic.}


What did you like about Thea’s project?

Mixing fun patterns with an ethical and environmental purpose - how genius is that?! Carlie's energy is enchanting and I was taken away immediately.

{Making me blush over here hehe!!}


Tell us a story when everything changed for you?

When I was 6, my dad used to work as a mechanic engineer at a ship factory. I became obsessed with the giant ships and huge drawing boards: my drawing journey starts somewhere there...


What rule(s) are you known for breaking?

I couldn't live without colours and while I design super colourful patterns, I never wear them. I like patterns on other people, not me.
Also, I'm always hanging pictures a tiny bit skew.
{Hahaha, GASP, not the pictures!!}


Something that brings you joy:

Crossfit and laughing!


Where’s your beach? (where do you feel the most joy?)

Venice, Italy - I could simply just live there: surrounded by water, marine life, millions of cute bridges and colorful houses and no cars - a dream life.

{I'm so with you on this. I was there in 2012 and fell so deeply in love with the people and THEIR ART! Between the phenomenal glass blowing, and their skills at doily creation, it's an insanely inspiring city. Plus the fact their main square goes underwater for part of the year and everyone's cool with that is pretty wild lol}



Now you can see why Ivy and her work captures the heart of so many.

Ivy is now illustrating children's books, so look out for those on her social medias. I can not recommend her enough, so if you have any projects coming up, give her a shout!

You can find Ivy and her gorgeous, soulful work here:

Website        Instagram         Facebook


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