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Beach bags, A'hoy



bags Designed for Epic Outings

Have you ever had to dig around in your bag forever to find your lip balm? Have you had your wet towel slowly dampen your book, along with your spirits? Have you ever packed a SECOND bag to go into your first bag, striving in earnest to create some sort of order in the chaos?!

No longer, my friend. We've got you.

Water-Resistant compartment

No one likes moist.

Yeah, we just cringed too.

It's THE WORST when your damp towel seeps water everywhere, wrinkles your bathing suit cover up, or ruins the flyer for that rad event you wanted to check out. (Okay, maybe there are worse things… but it’s up there.)

Solution? The bottom 5” of our entire bag is a water resistant 2-in-1 cooler & wet-storage unit. Pack your beer, juice boxes, and snacks at the beginning of the day, keeping ‘em cool and enjoyable. At the end of the day, use the same space to store all the wet towels, bathing suits, or whatever other left over mess you may have.


Don't waste another second looking for something that you know you packed. This bag is designed to be like your favourite adventure buddy - you know, the one who is totally organized, cool as a cucumber, and seems to always have a map handy.

Features include:

  • A lotion compartment to keep the things that like to leak or explode away from your other stuff.

  • D ring to attach keys, credit cards, & small children to.

  • Extra nylon reusable bags are included and hidden in an inside pocket. You know, just in case you do a little shopping or bring an extra kid along on your outing.

  • Outside pockets that just happen to conveniently hold a bottle of wine on each end. No judgement here ;)

All of it is created to keep you effortlessly on the go. 

Hidden-Ish clutch

Putting all your valuables in one place does a few magical things:

  • Everything is easy to find - no more moments of heart-stopping fear when you've misplaced your phone.

  • It’s way more secure from pick-pocketers by being in a separate zippered area.

  • You can put your favourite little purse inside to make it a quick grab-n-go when you don’t want to bring all your stuff for your walk down the beach.



We are defining what Doing Good Business means. Through designing killer products that delight our tribe, we provide ethical work environments and above livable wages to poverty-stricken families. Hellbent on enriching lives globally, we invest a portion of profits into fighting inequality through opportunity. With a heavy focus on keeping kids in school and women’s empowerment, we will radically change communities - together.
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We are Thea Caye, and we are on a mission.

we're giving back... by giving work

Extreme poverty can be eliminated. Inequality can be stomped out. There is enough for all.

Social enterprises, which are businesses that prioritize social impact over profit, are the new backbone of such change. They are part of a gathering of change-makers who are wielding the power of business for the better.

When you choose to support Thea Caye, you're directly supporting families from all over the world. We are creating safe, lucrative work for people facing extreme poverty - effectively giving CHOICE, not charity.

By giving human beings access to all human rights, we can change the course of thousands, if not millions, of lives. At the core of this impact is creating equal access to opportunity for all.

…But that’s not all.


extra surprises For you

  • All our fabrics are water resistant. You can dump a bucket of water on your bag and not worry about your belongings inside.

  • We chose a shoulder strap so that you can comfortably carry more. You can also go for a hipster look if you let it bang around at your knees*.

  • We hire unknown local artists to design the colors and prints of all our products. Creatives get paid, and grow their exposure exponentially so that they can keep bringing their beauty to the world.

  • You will join our inner tribe, which has it’s own surprises in store.

    (*Beanie not included ;)


We’re Giving back by… well, giving back.


10% Goes Directly to Charity

The power in business has the ability to change the world. So we’re doing just that. Every month, 10% of our profits will be invested in with our partner charity who is hellbent on the fight against inequality and the lack of access to opportunity.

10% Goes into the exponential fund

This fund is designed to be able to accumulate so that we can invest in pressing, perhaps timely, issues on a larger scale. It’s captained by the rule that whatever it’s used for will created exponential good, creating a ripple effect of impact. It’s transparent in nature, as we want to share with you what these dollars are doing to improve the world.




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