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Thea Caye

Above the Clouds Beach Bag

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$199.00 USD
This bag is designed to handle anything so you can do everything. Whether you're at the gym, working in a coffee shop, or chilling on a boat - this bag will see you through it all. 

Gone are the days of garbage zippers, straps digging into your shoulder, or panic when your phone has disappeared into the black abyss of a full bag. 

Less stress, better bag, more magic. That's what's up!

Changing the World

How do you help change the world by owning this bag?

- You're helping provide safe work for survivors of exploitation - including human trafficking and marginalization. Through our partner manufacturer, survivors are also receiving life training to empower them even further.

- You're assisting us to create jobs in poverty stricken areas pulling plastics out of the ocean. Every bag is guaranteed to pull a minimum of 38 bottles out of our oceans.

- You're helping us keep a drop in center open for human trafficking victims where they can find some rest from the nightmare they're trapped in.

- You're supporting emerging artists. We want our artists to be properly compensated for the beauty they bring into this world. This also gives them a place to earn some more cred and showcase their incredible talent.

- You're saying yes to ethical businesses which creates more demand for businesses that lead with heart and morals rather than those who choose to exploitation humans and the planet just to save money.

- You're supporting using recycled materials wherever possible!

All Features

Heavy Duty Waterproof Canvas
Hand Braided Zipper Pulls
Cleanable Material
Adjustable outer Towel/Yoga Mat Straps
Hidden Passport Pocket
Large Valuables Pocket
Magazine Pocket
Upgraded Pearl Gold Hardware
YKK Zippers
Luggage Sleeve
Magnetic Snaps
Mesh Pockets
Long Adjustable Shoulder Strap with Extra Padding

Structured enough to stand upright independently;
Flexible enough to roll up to store easily.

Specs + Care

The bag measures 14H x 19L x 5W.

It is machine washable but for best results we highly recommend spot cleaning with a multi-purpose cleaner (like spray9) and using a hose or a pressure washer to get that deep-clean-brand-new look!

Created for the Traveler

We designed this bag to take away all of your bag overwhelm. No longer will you have to dig through a bottomless pit to find your phone, or have soaked belongings from a rogue wave.

This bag will make your life easier, so that you can be present to the every day magic <3

Mission: To Make Your Life Easier

Our artisan fabrics are heavy duty waterproof canvas. We know it's important for your bag to able to handle whatever nature throws at it which is why it's also cleanable.

Carrying your family's towels by hand is a thing of the past with our adjustable front straps. It's also the perfect place for your yoga mat!

  • Safe Work

    Everything Thea Caye makes is handmade by survivors of exploitation and marginalization. Through our partner manufacturer, survivors are provided with life training and scholarships for their children!

  • Handmade

    Everything down to the zipper braids are handmade with love. 98% of our manufacturer's employees report a sense of security and hope for the future.

  • Fair Trade

    Our manufacturer is Fair Trade certified, so you can rest easy knowing your bag is improving lives, not harming them.

    We have personally visited their facilities and they truly put people first.