Frequently Asked Questions

Current beach bags suck and taking advantage of people sucks. That’s a lot of suck that we can fix by creating great jobs for the survivors of exploitation who are making this badass beach bag. You can read about our founder’s journey under "Story" at the top of the page :)

We also wanted to make sure our products were hella functional so that they made your life better. This leads to a sustainable business model where we can give to the organizations that are doing so much good in the world.

The #1 thing that survivors need to start rebuilding their lives is good, stable work. 80% of survivors will be re-victimized if they can not find safe employment. We partnered with an ethical manufacturer, Purnaa, who hires survivors of exploitation and marginalized people. By creating work sewing our bags, we are participating in the mission to obtain a life of freedom.

It’s vital that we support artists. Art is everywhere. It’s the books you read, the TV you watch, the pictures you see, the music you hear, the buildings you enter; most visual stimulus is someone’s art. If we don’t support the people who bring beauty into our world, we will be left with a very drab place indeed. Making a living in art creation has (mistakenly) become very difficult to accomplish. We work with artists to give them the opportunity for some serious exposure while actually paying them appropriately for their work!

Absolutely. It may cost 200 bucks and include a Sherpa but if you want your bag delivered to Everest base camp, but damnit we will get it there! If you're outside the USA + Canada, just shoot us a message and we'll get you a quote :)

Send us an email letting us know why you are breaking our hearts, within 30 days, and we will help you return the item. We are so confident you'll love your bag that we offer free returns from the USA + Canada. Returns are kinda lame so you have to send us hilarious meme to make up for it ;) (Please note: there is a $8 cleaning fee which will be deducted from your total return and will be processed within 3-5 business days!)

We know most fashion brands do not offer guarantees but we ALSO know the quality of our products! With that in mind, we have a full 12 months of manufacturing guarantee for any broken zippers, stiching issues, or anything else to do with how it was made. Keep in mind, these bags are handmade so slight imprefections are part of the experience :)

Usually by mail. By carrier pigeon if absolutely necessary. We are just that dedicated lol!

Thea is the sun goddess in Greek mythology and Caye means “small sandy island” so loosely it translates into Sun and Sand, which, to us, also means light and freedom.


{We always geek out over symbolism - #nerdlife}

The circle stands for the Sun and for Thea Caye. The triangle shows how doing good is amplified as it goes out into the world. It starts at the center of our company (and our hearts) with the goal of having exponential impact.

Our hope is that you remember you are the sun, and whatever comes from your core is what impacts the world, one way or another <3

Social enterprise is a better way of doing business. Instead of focusing on profits first, we focus on purpose. Social enterprises use business as a tool to affect rippling change in our world by creating kickass products that help people near and far live better lives. You don’t have to change your buying habits to have a killer impact, you just need to carefully choose who you give that dollar to.

We have traveled to our manufacturer in Nepal and have built a great working relationship with them. We have high standards from all our partners in that they are always certified by reliable third-party sources. For example, our manufacturer is part of the Freedom Business Alliance and is Fairtrade certified. While we are aware there is no way to be 100% certain that no harm is being done in the supply chain, we do everything in our power to keep it ethical and progressive.

Without you, Thea Caye couldn’t do any of the things we’ve mentioned. You’re the backbone to our entire operation. By voting with your wallet, you’re taking a stand against unethical behavior by companies and demanding more, for everyone to do better. You are supporting the survivors, their children, the artists, our oceans, the environment all because you give a damn – so thank you!

Sometimes our team will see an artist at a small show and just know that we must work together. Other times, artists will shoot us an email and we chat to see how we can support each other. Either way, we work closely with our artists and are always trying to figure out new ways to support them!

Hit us up! We’re always game to see how we can have even more impact together. Collaboration is everything! xx