Rule Break #3 - We shouldn't talk about the world's ugly in polite company.

We are promising to break this rule with dependable ferocity.

Most of us don’t want to actually cause harm but sometimes we don't know any better. Other times it feels too inconvenient to change our purchasing habits, so we sweep what that can mean under the rug.

It’s easy to decide not to be the jerk who robs the corner-store but how often are we asking where the $5 t-shirt in our hands came from?

Who made it? Do they get to go home to their children at the end of the day or do they have to sleep beside the sewing machine on the factory floor? Are they properly paid? Is their work safe?

It has historically been borderline impossible to find information from many labels. It’s difficult to not feel overwhelmed when you start to discover just how abusive business can be, especially the fashion industry.

We see you, we see your struggle… and there is hope.

We will help you use little, every day moments to make a real impact. We will highlight other great brands or little tricks you can do to leave the world just a little better than how you found it.

Other resources we use often are: (for everything) (for fashion)

You have a say in the world we live in, and we want to be your awkward sidekick who spews icky facts about the evil lurking. We promise to also have suggestions on what can be done about it.

(Can you imagine a side kick who just says, hey there's a problem and literally does nothing to help? Lol, what a shitty story arch that would be.)

The more we break this rule, the more light we shed on these issues and the more we can do about it. Have those sweaty conversations, post about it, bring it up with your friends. Together we can have such kickass impact on the world around us because it all starts with seeing and understanding.

How about it babe, feel like being a Rule Breaker?

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